Rentals in Spain and return on investment

Rentals in Spain can cover a large part of buying costs or even yield a very good return on your investment. So, be sure to explore your options!

With our help, you can get get the maximum return on investment from your new home. We take care of the logistics, which means you can relax and avoid any hassle throughout the process.

While you’re not staying there yourself, we can arrange for your house or apartment to be rented out. You can partially or completely outsource rentals in Spain, depending on what you prefer. 

We can even take care of reservations, welcome guests, assist with rent collection, house cleaning and keeping your keys via our network. You’ll also have a local contact person to support you as you explore rentals in Spain.

Swimming pool - rentals in spain
tuinonderhoud in spanje

Maintenance in Spain

You have found your dream house in Spain, congratulations! The fun has now begun. Maybe you live permanently in your new dream home, or maybe you spend your holidays there, enjoying the Spanish sun. Anyway, you will occasionally also have to carry out maintenance on your house in Spain.

It is also nice to know that there is someone who will keep an eye on your Spanish dream home and ensure that the house and garden remain just as beautiful (or maybe even more beautiful) as when you bought it.

Who do you call if something breaks and you need an electrician, plumber, gardener, painter, cleaner or someone to maintain the pool? Dream Properties International is happy to provide you with a trusted contact where possible. That way you can enjoy your new home carefree!

Pool maintenance in Spain

Maybe you are looking for professional pool maintenance services in Spain. Every homeowner in Spain would like to take a dip in a clean and clear blue swimming pool.

Maintaining a pool is an important, weekly job and one that you don’t always feel like doing during your well-deserved vacation or when enjoying your new home.

It is essential to regularly inspect and maintain the pool equipment (such as the pump). Don’t forget cleaning, filter maintenance and checking pH and water. Proper maintenance can also extend the lifespan of the pool.

We are happy to provide you with a good contacts for pool maintenance in Spain so that you can take a dip in your own pool all summer!

Pool Maintenance Valencia
Woningbeheer en onderhoudsdiensten in spanje

Property management

You have bought a beautiful dream house, but how do you keep it so beautiful or more often the case, can you make it even more beautiful? Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance. There are often custom-made maintenance solutions. A selection of the possibilities:

  • Full cleaning services (occasionally when you are away or maybe weekly according to your needs).
  • General inspections, e.g. for water leakage or mold.
  • Maintenance of your home (possibly painting, checking equipment such as the alarm system, maintenance of the wood, etc.).
  • Property management: someone who occasionally checks the property when you are not there (for example, airing the house, security visits and collecting the mail). A property management team can also arrange rental services on your behalf and clean and maintain the property between rental periods.

Handy contacts for maintenance in Spain

You have bought a beautiful property, but it can always happen that something breaks unexpectedly and you need help as soon as possible. For example, you are just cooking and the electricity turns off. Where can you find an electrician? And above all, a reliable electrician? What to do if the tap in the bathroom leaks? Where do you start when looking for a good plumber? Or does the wooden leg of the dining table breaks? What now? Where can I find a handyman?

No worries, Dream Properties International have built up a good and reliable network over the years. Wherever your new property is, we can (almost) always help you with a good contact for the maintenance of your home. Depending on where the house is located, we will be happy to find a contact for you.

onderhoudscontracten - onbezorgd leven in Valencia

We are there for you

Buying a house in Spain should be a fun and carefree process. At Dream Properties International we work very hard to make sure your purchase goes smoothly. And that you can enjoy your dream home in Spain now and in the future.

We introduce you to the best partners we work with and together we help you during the entire purchase process (see also our services we can offer you). We guide you through every step of the process and hope you find the information on buying a house in Spain on our website useful!

If you have any questions about buying a home, would like more specific information on matters such as legal and tax matters or if you need advice on a step in the buying process, contact us now by filling in the form.

We are here to help you!

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