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Looking for a property for sale in Estepona? If you are looking to invest in an apartment, penthouse, townhouse or villa in Estepona, we are happy to help.

A quiet place on the Costa del Sol, where you can enjoy Spanish life without encountering many tourists every day? Then you are in the right place with a house in Estepona (province of Malaga). This city is a bit more remote, so you mainly encounter locals in daily life. But that of course does not mean that there are no activities in the center and port of Estepona.

The pleasant climate (very little rain, long summer evenings, mild winters) also makes it very attractive to go outside every day. Our advisors are happy to help you find the house that suits you. In addition, they offer you personal guidance when buying a property in Estepona, so that you do not have to worry about the course of business.

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Find your peace in Estepona

Many tourists travel to the Costa to enjoy the vibrant life there. For a number of people that is also the reason to settle there. But it can also happen that you prefer not to buy a house in an environment where you are surrounded by many tourists every day. The location of Estepona is excellent in that regard; slightly further away from important places such as the airport, the number of tourists is limited but the more than 66,000 inhabitants keep the city alive every day.

The fishermen still practice their profession in the marina every day. You can eat the fresh fish in one of the many local restaurants in Estepona.

Do you enjoy more elaborate cooking in your own home in Estepona? Then you can get fresh vegetables, fruit and fish at the market in the city. In the afternoon it is time to relax during the siesta. Or take a walk through the botanical garden in the park during this moment of rest.

A house in the midst of traditional festivities​

In addition to the lively center and port, there are also various festivities in Estepona throughout the year. Such as the May Feast (May 15) to honor the patron of agriculture. The locals make a tour through Estepona and various parties and events take place in the streets.

Another notable traditional festival is San Juan (June 23 and 24), where the beach of Estepona is the scene, among other things. During the day, this festival of water and fire is celebrated with good food and music. At night, Spaniards and tourists camp on the beach amid bonfires. This festival is also celebrated on the other beaches in the south of Spain.

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huis kopen estepona - spaanse droomhuizen

Starting a new life in Estepona?

Starting a new life in Estepona starts with buying a house. When you tackle this yourself, it can be quite a task to find a suitable apartment or house, contact the seller and negotiate the price. Especially when there is a language barrier.

That is why it is wise to enlist the help of a broker during this process. The team of Dream Properties International includes Dutch real estate agents who will look for the right house for you in Estepona together with you. They will then accompany you to the viewings and put you in touch with a suitable lawyer to assist you during the negotiations when you decide to buy the house.

Would you like to get a taste of the current range of properties available in Estepona? Then use our search selection and receive an overview by e-mail. This is how your dream of a house in beautiful Spain becomes reality!

Buy a house in Estepona worry-free

Take a moment and browse the constantly updated Estepona property listings. Whether you are looking for a new, existing, to renovate, cheap or beautiful apartment or villa, we will find the right home.

Buying a house in Estepona is not something you do every day. Therefore, you have to take into account a few important factors. Then it is nice to receive personal guidance from a specialist. The estate agents of Dream Properties International are happy to help you find the house that suits you, whether that is in Estepona or in another Spanish city. But you can also count on our help during the further process, even after the purchase of the house. This way you can buy a house carefree and enjoy the moment to the fullest.

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