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On the Mediterranean Sea lies beautiful Marbella, the city known for its boulevard, expensive yachts and cars and branded shops. This city is so popular that several celebrities once decided to buy a house here to enjoy this seaside resort. The wonderful climate, which means that it is an average of 19 degrees all year round, will certainly have something to do with this.

Would you like to live in this environment with wealth and sun? Then definitely consider buying a house in Marbella. The advisers of Dream Properties International are ready to help you bring your search to a successful conclusion. Let us know what the house of your dreams must meet and we will start looking for you.

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Brief History of Marbella

This sunny seaside town has not always been called Marbella; in Roman times the city was known as Salduba. Like many other Spanish places, Marbella has also suffered from Islamic rule.

The name of this city is a remnant of this period. The Muslims named the resort Marbal-la. After the reconquest from the Spaniards in 1485, the city slowly began to flourish in the form we know Marbella today. An example of this is the main square, which the Spaniards call Plaza de los Naranjos. It was built after the expulsion of the Moors. The great centerpiece between the terraces is the fountain surrounded by orange trees.

Enjoying the hotspots of Marbella

From your house you can fully enjoy the view of Marbella with the white houses and the beautiful beach. But there are still plenty of sights that are worth getting out of your home.

For example, the boulevard with its own Walk of Fame is one of the hotspots of Marbella. Here you can often see artists in action making sand sculptures. Don’t forget to take a walk along Avenida del Mar, where you can see a number of bronze statues by the famous artist Salvador Dali. And would you like to make it an active day? That is absolutely possible, because Marbella is known as a golf city with 35 golf courses in the area. So there is always one near your house.

Besides a modern part, Marbella also has a historic center. An important part of this is the church Iglesias de la Encarnación. This is not always accessible, but through the bars it is often possible to glimpse the large altars and the sacred statues.

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Buy a house in Marbella worry-free

Take a moment and look through the Marbella property listings that are constantly being updated. Whether you are looking for a new, existing, to renovate, cheap or beautiful apartment or villa, we will find the right home.

Buying a house in Marbella is not something you do every day. Therefore, you have to take into account a few important factors. Then it is nice to receive personal guidance from a specialist. The estate agents of Dream Properties International are happy to help you find the house that suits you, whether that is in Marbella or in another Spanish city. But you can also count on our help during the further process, even after the purchase of the house. This way you can buy a house carefree and enjoy the moment to the fullest.

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