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Looking for a property for sale in Alicante? If you are looking to invest in an apartment, penthouse or townhouse in Alicante city, we are happy to help you.

Alicante, the capital of the Costa Blanca, is an eventful city. Not only because Alicante airport is visited daily by thousands of holidaymakers, but the city itself also has plenty to offer in terms of sights and relaxation. Check out the traditional shops of the Rambla de Mendez Núñez, take the boat to the island of Isla de Tabarca or enjoy the sea air and sunlight on one of the many beaches. In any case, the pleasant summer temperatures and mild winters make it worthwhile to leave your home every day to enjoy the surroundings of Alicante. Do you want to imagine yourself in this beautiful Spanish environment every day? Then consider buying a house in Alicante. Dream Properties International is happy to help you find and buy the house where you feel completely at ease.

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The rich history of Alicante

When you look for images of the surroundings of Alicante, you regularly see historic buildings such as castles. In the past, this area was part of the Roman Empire. For example, the Castle of Santa Barbara has the highest fortress, which is also accessible to the public. In addition, there is the Castle of San Fernando, which originally served to defend Alicante against Napoleon’s army.


Are you a great lover of art? Then you have another reason to buy a house in this place. Alicante has a number of great museums, such as the Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Nativity Scenes. But Alicante also has a number of new, modern neighborhoods with boulevards and a large covered market hall complex.

Alicante port city​

Did you know that Alicante is a real port city? This originated some time ago when the railway between this place and Madrid was created in 1858. This made the port, to this day, the most important export port of Spain.


The roads in Alicante are good. A beautiful place for you to walk if you are a big fan of this. Be sure to visit the many parks. Would you like to use public transport? Then it is possible to buy a ticket for the tram or train and travel to another part of Alicante or the Costa Blanca. This can also be done via one of the ferry services. And of course there is also the possibility to take the plane via the airport, which is located just outside the city in the village of El Altet.

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Buying a house in Alicante, what can I expect?

So it is definitely worth buying a house in this place if you want to imagine yourself every day in a sunny city with a rich history. But which house suits you best? In this case, contact Dream Properties International, the Dutch real estate agent working in Spain. Thanks to our experience, we have sufficient local knowledge to find the house that suits you. For example, is this a penthouse in one of the modern neighborhoods? A villa with sea view on one of the many beaches? Or would you rather buy an apartment with a view of the castles? To help you on your way, we will first send you a selection of what is on offer in Alicante. After that, we will clearly map out together which type of house you would most like to buy and we will look for the most beautiful houses, apartments and villas in Alicante.

Buying a house in Alicante or building a house yourself?

Didn’t we find the house you are looking for in Alicante? Then there is an alternative to buying a house in the form of building it yourself. In this case too, you can call on the brokers of Dream Properties International we help you find the right location and connect you with our network for design and construction. Buying a house in Alicante has never been such a fun adventure!

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Properties for sale in Alicante

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