Costas in Spain

The Spanish Costas

Spain it not only divided in communities and provinces, but we can also distinguish by costas in Spain. Literally “costa” means “coast” and as Spain is known as the Iberian Peninsula you will find a lot of coast. In total you will find over 4964 kilometers of coastline. Enough to divide this coast into different parts of Costas. All costas have their own characteristics. So if you are looking for a nice spot near the coast in Spain, there is a big choice to chose from. The eastern and southern coastline runs from France to Portugal and is divided by the English part of Gibraltar. In total you will find in this coastline 13 Costas. Below you will find a short impression of some of the most important and popular costas in Spain.

costas in spain


An impression of what Spain has to offer, the Costas in Spain ….


We will sum up the most important regions of Spain. Dream Properties International Рyour property expert in Spain Рwill help you to find your way in Spain! If you want some extra help and advise to see which region could be interesting for you, do not hesitate to contact us!

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